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  • Energy Efficiency

    ENERGY STAR® is the international symbol for premium energy efficiency and assists consumers with quickly identifying products as the top high efficiency performer. The high standards of ENERGY STAR® are monitored and certified by an independent accredited agency ensuring that high efficiency standards are met by all participants. We are proud to be recognized for the third time in four years as the Window & Door Manufacturer of the Year - one of the industry’s highest honours, recognizing products that meet or exceed Canadian energy efficiency standards. All Weather Windows also received the 2012 Participant of the Year award given to members who excel at working with and promoting the ENERGY STAR® standards. All Weather Windows has been proud to display the ENERGY STAR® logo. The promotion of ENERGY STAR® ensures that consumers recognize All Weather as a leader in efficiency and creating awareness of the importance of ENERGY STAR® standards.


    All Weather Windows is proud to be recognized not only as a leader in manufacturing energy efficient windows and doors to the highest standards for consumers, but also as an ambassador for the program.

    Energy Efficiency – A Priority at All Weather Windows

    Canadians demand ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors because they know these products help reduce their energy usage and in turn their energy bill.You will also find other advantages, including a reduction in outside noise. Energy efficiency is a priority at All Weather Windows and our product is proudly designed and built for Canadian Weather.