Community Partnerships

All Weather Windows is an avid supporter of community partnerships. We’ve been working with charitable and non-profit organizations across Canada for many years, giving back to communities in need and providing valuable sponsorships for charitable causes. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed many years of success throughout Canada and it’s important to us that we share this success. We’re dedicated to enriching the communities around us by donating windows and doors to various projects, sponsoring charitable organizations and volunteering for a number of different community opportunities throughout the country.

“Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity has allowed us to grow our involvement with the organization across Canada, paralleling our company’s own expansion across the country, working with many Affiliates and ReStores from coast to coast. To tie in with our company vision—“We relentlessly pursue customer satisfaction, one customer at a time”—we partner with Habitat for Humanity to provide decent housing for the families of Canada, one family at a time.” – Henry Banman, Senior Vice President, All Weather Windows.

All Weather Windows and
Habitat for Humanity

One of our most significant partnerships is with Habitat for Humanity, an international organization that is dedicated to providing safe, comfortable and affordable housing to communities and families in need. We partnered with Habitat in 2001, when we became a platinum sponsor for the organization. Since then, we have helped train in the ReStores, have been involved in the plant builds and have delivered relief fundraising for other countries, amongst many other contributions to the cause.

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Working to Build a Stronger Community

Other community partners include: