Acrylic Wrap Colour Offering for Windows

The All Weather Windows acrylic wrap colour offering for the Apex 9100. and Horizon 7100 series is an innovative way to showcase creativity in exterior home design. The acrylic wrap option offers bold, durable colour by using a high-performance, acrylic-based exterior film that is permanently bonded to the exterior PVC window frame. Whereas paint requires frequent maintenance and metal cladding can run high costs, the acrylic wrap film offers great colour without sacrificing durability or exceeding a reasonable budget. The film also features a contemporary stipple emboss finish that pairs well with modern home exteriors. Backed by a 10-year warranty, acrylic wrap’s low surface tension means that it can be wiped clean easily and it has a strong resistance to chalking, cracking and fading.

The weather and UV-resistant film has been in use throughout Europe for more than 35 years. The multi-layered film is comprised of a transparent polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) layer, a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) layer and a pigmented acrylic base later that reflects heat away from the window using Solar Shield Technology (SST). This unique combination of polymers provides reduced heat absorption, improved UV resistance and excellent long-term weathering.

This new colour offering takes exterior home design to the next level, moving away from the monotony of cookie-cutter homes and towards a unique street-side appearance. Currently available in five of our highly requested colours suitable for a variety of architectural styles, acrylic wrap is the superior choice for adding colour to PVC windows and curb appeal to any home.

Acrylic Wrap Colours


Tried & Tested

Acrylic wrap has gone through more than 12 years of real weather testing at independent and professional test facilities in many world climates, including Arizona, Florida, Germany and the South of France. It has also gone through many thousands of hours of accelerated weather testing. Acrylic wrap has stood up to each climate and all forms of testing with proven strength and excellent weather resistance.

To learn more about acrylic wrap check out our catalogue. For additional product information ask your dealer or All Weather Windows Account Manager. Find a dealer near you.

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