Common Questions

Q: Is GlassXchange glass replacement available for all types of windows?
A: At this time, glass upgrades are only available for PVC (vinyl) and some wood window frames. It is not currently available for aluminum frames. We hope to offer glass replacement for other frames types in the future.

Q: How much can GlassXchange save me on energy costs?
A: Since about 28% of the heat loss in your home is through the windows, upgraded glass can pay for itself over time. High-performance glass can be over 100% more energy-efficient than older uncoated glass.

Q: How long does GlassXchange installation take?
A: Replacing glass in an existing frame takes much less time than replacing an entire framed window. Installation time depends on the number of windows and other factors, but most residential upgrades can be completed within a day.

Q: How much can I save by replacing just the glass?
A: By upgrading the glass in several windows in your home, you could easily save thousands of dollars over the cost of complete window-and-frame replacement. Actual costs depend on your existing frames, the number of windows being upgraded, the type of replacement glass you choose, and other factors. Your authorized All Weather Windows Renovations representative will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a detailed cost estimate.

Q: Where is GlassXchange service offered?
A: We currently provide glass replacement in the Greater Edmonton Area. Expansion to additional locations will be announced in the future.

Q: Is GlassXchange available for commercial buildings?
A: All Weather Windows Renovations specializes in residential windows, however, our sister company All Weather Windows Commercial would be happy to discuss any commercial needs. Please contact them directly at 780-452-8681.

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