How To Pick The Right Windows For Your Home

Getting it right the first time.
When it comes to window renovations, your imagination is often the limit. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few best practices and tips to help you find that perfect window. Here’s a collection of thought-provoking suggestions to help you pick the right windows for your home.

What’s your budget?
Establishing a budget is the first part of any successful window renovation. The price of new windows varies greatly depending on both style and features. That’s why it’s important to understand just how much you want to spend before making any other decisions. Even with a conservative budget, you can still achieve great results with some careful planning and the right consultation. It’s all about finding the right windows for the right job.

How do you want to use your windows?
How you intend to actually use your windows is essential in determining what models to buy. Do you want to let in a breeze? Are you excited to enjoy a picturesque view? Do you want to lower your utility bills with increased efficiency? Below is a quick primer on some common window operating types.

  • Casement – A window that opens along one side, operated by a crank inside the home. These windows offer control of both the direction and amount of ventilation. They often form a tighter seal than Slider windows, resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Slider – A window where one pane is able to be slid open. Unlike a Casement window, Sliders offer no directional control of ventilation, but offer more value than a similar-sized Casement window.
  • Non-Operating (Fixed/Picture) – Fixed and Picture windows aren’t able to be opened but can be manufactured in larger sizes than their operating counterparts. They are also more energy efficient due to their permanent seals.

How would you like your windows to look?
Modern windows offer a wide variety of design options to enhance and complement your home’s look. Many of All Weather Windows’ windows can be styled in durable, eye-catching acrylic wrap. Available in a range of colours, acrylic wraps make your windows stand-out on their own, or blend in with an established home palette. And there’s always the option to leave your windows in clean, neutral white. Grilles or SDLs (Simulated Divided Lites) can also be added for a welcome pop of flourish.

Do you need high-performance glazing?
In rooms that receive a high amount of sunlight, such as south- and west-facing windows, a UV coating, like All Weather Windows’ SunStop, will block the sun’s rays. This type of coatings keep rooms cooler in the summer, reducing A/C usage and saving you money on electricity bills.
In spaces that receive lower amounts of sunlight, like north-facing rooms, All Weather Windows’ Low-E coating helps to keep rooms cozier by reflecting furnace heat back into the space. In the winter months, this can reduce demands on your furnace, once again saving you money on your energy bills.

What direction will your windows face?
It may sound obvious, but the direction of your windows plays a major role in determining the appropriate window type. South-facing windows receive the most sun. North-facing windows receive the least. West-facing windows let in the sun as it sets. East-facing windows will welcome the sun as it rises. Simply put, the direction of your windows will impact how much light and warmth enter a respective room. With this knowledge in mind, you can begin to make more informed choices about window styles and features.

Should your installers be certified?
It’s not just what windows you select, but how they are installed that can impact how satisfied you are with your window renovation. Installers with third-party certification significantly reduce the likelihood of installation errors or product damage, all of which could negatively impact the performance and efficiency of your new windows. All Weather Windows installers are certified through InstallationMasters™ and are experts in all our products.

Is warranty available?
Should anything go wrong with your new window’s components, or if there were any defects in manufacturing or installation, having a comprehensive warranty will always put your mind at ease. All Weather Windows offers a 20-year limited warranty on uPVC components and sealed window units. A comprehensive 2-year service & labour warranty and a 5-year installation warranty is also provided.

A window renovation may seem daunting, particularly if you’re new to the experience. Receiving friendly, knowledgeable service from your window manufacturer can go a long way in relieving any renovation anxiety. The experience should feel consultative, with your sales representative taking the time to understand your unique reno needs — offering up tailored solutions that aren’t one-size-fits-all. They should also be walking you through the manufacturing and installation process, answering any questions you may have about the entire experience.

Choosing the right windows for your home is easy with a little know-how and great service. An All Weather Windows Renovations Sales Representative will guide you through every step of the window-buying process, so you have exactly what you need for your renovation. Book a free in-home consultation today to take the next step.