Welcoming a new perspective: Masonite’s mission to redefine the door

You have a home decor secret weapon at your disposal. It can leave dazzling first impressions while inspiring unforgettable goodbyes. It possesses the finesse to complement any aesthetic and the power to completely transform a space. And it does all this while helping your home to be more comfortable, secure and efficient. If you haven’t pieced it together, this unsung hero of form and function is none other than the exterior door. It’s an often overlooked element of residential design that Lorena Morales and her team at Masonite Doors are working hard to redefine. 

Lorena sums up the exterior door’s visual role succinctly: “Doors are our first hello and our last goodbye.” Which is to say, Lorena explains, when used well, a front door can quickly establish the sentiment of a home and what’s to come. It’s intuitive, to be sure, but a fact that shouldn’t be ignored when looking to thematically unite a home’s interior and exterior. When paired with the hardworking benefits of a new door enhanced energy efficiency and security you have a multi-purpose fixture that delivers on all fronts.  

Opening new doors

Lorena, who is the Visual and Content Marketing Director for the nearly 95-year-old door manufacturer, is committed to demonstrating the door’s potential to transform a home. “It’s seen as nothing more than a building material,” Lorena explains. “When in actuality, a door plays the important role of connecting the space and those who live in it. In the average mid-sized home, doors account for 800 square feet of visual impact.” With so much aesthetic potential, it’s understandable why you may hear Masonite refer to doors as ‘art’. It’s this elevated mindset that has propelled them to dig deeper into not just the door’s place in the home, but the larger factors governing how modern homeowners lead their lives.

Designing for life

In their annual Trend Report for 2018 and 2019, Masonite has examined the social, cultural and economic factors that underpin the year’s most dynamic design trends and determined how doors are a part of them. “Our annual Trend Report brings together all of the essentials necessary to share the defining looks and attitudes of the year to come — from colour and accents to textures and, yes, even doors,” says Lorena. 

Partnering with international trend forecasting agency Stylus, the Trend Report is a comprehensive projection of the year’s most relevant and meaningful design trends. The report plugs into the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of what matters to a homeowner today, and then relays how that’s reflected in, and adapted to, via design and decor. It’s this deep commitment to the mindset of their customers that has set Masonite and their doors apart. 

It’s all part of Masonite’s drive to meet shifting customer needs and tastes. “We validate these trends with professionals and then make decisions on what trends to act on. Then we pair them with the right door in the right design with the perfect colour palette. We’re very committed to helping homeowners find the right doors to frame their lives.”

All Weather Windows is proud to be an official partner and supplier of Masonite Doors. You can explore the full All Weather Windows and Masonite Design and Inspiration Catalogue here.