Windows 101

Your introduction to a successful window renovation.
Replacing your home’s windows may seem daunting. But fear not. In reality, a window renovation is a simple and beneficial home improvement offering a wide range of benefits. We’ve compiled a handy list of answers and tips as you begin your window renovation journey.

How long does a window or door installation take?
Your installation will usually take between a few hours to a day, depending on the size of your renovation and the number of windows being replaced. On average, it takes approximately one hour per window for installation. Remember, taking the proper time and care to have your windows professionally installed is essential to prevent unwanted drafts, condensation or even leakage. Before a certified installer arrives, remove window coverings and clear a space around each window to help reduce installation time.

When’s the best time of year to replace my windows?
Window replacement can be done virtually year round, even in the winter! Since windows are removed and replaced one at a time, your home is only exposed to the elements for a very brief period. The only time that windows can’t be installed is when outdoor temperatures fall below -15°C.

How much does a window renovation cost?
The price point of your reno will be affected by multiple factors, including: the model and operating-type of your selected windows, colour choices, glass options and the number of windows being replaced. An in-home consultation with one of our sales experts will leave you with a quote and a better understanding of the value of your investment. Depending on the factors above, the average cost of a window renovation package for a single-family home will be around $10,000 to $15,000 (this price includes installation).

Are there financing options available?
Yes! Through our lending partners, we provide flexible, penalty-free financing options that can be customized for your renovation budget, including equal monthly payment plans. Talk to your All Weather Windows Renovations Sales Representative about a plan that works for you.

Will new windows increase my home’s value?
Absolutely! A home with newly installed windows can see an increase in value of up to $10,000. Moreover, if you’re considering selling your home, new windows are an incredibly desirable feature for buyers. According to real estate company RE/MAX, homeowners often recoup 100% of a window renovation cost in their home’s selling price.

Do my windows come with a warranty?
Yes. There is a standard 20-year limited warranty on uPVC components and sealed window units. Even more coverage is available depending on your respective All Weather Windows product. Moreover, we stand by all of the products we manufacture through a comprehensive 2-year service & labour warranty and a 5-year installation warranty.

How do I know when I need new windows?
There are several common signs that your home is in need of new windows:

  • Air Drafts – A tell-tale sign your windows need replacing is the presence of cold air drafts seeping through the area around your windows in the winter, or excessive heat emanating through in the summer.
  • High Energy Bills – One of the most costly indicators of old windows is an expensive energy bill—a higher than normal heat or electricity bill may be from drafty or poorly insulating windows, with your furnace or A/C unit working harder to keep your home at the desired temperature.
  • Condensation or Ice Build Up – While condensation development on windows is often normal, an excess or constant presence can be a sign of windows with a low insulating value. In the winter, this problem can translate to persistent ice build-up on the window and frame.
  • Moisture Between Glass – Moisture build-up between glass panes may be evidence of a broken internal seal, meaning the insulating gas between the panes has leaked out. This renders the unit less efficient (and useful) as a result.
  • Damaged Frames – Damaged or decaying frames are one of the most visible signs that your windows need replacing. Wood frames can be particularly susceptible due to warping, rotting or mould development, all of which impact window operation and efficiency.
  • Water Leakage – Finally, water leakage in the walls around a window is a very good sign your windows need replacing. It’s important to note that water damage isn’t always visible, and when it is, it can be costly to fix. Replacing old windows before leakage occurs is vital to saving you from more extensive repairs.

Are triple pane windows that much better than double pane?
In Canada’s climate, more is better when it comes to the number of panes. When upgrading from dual pane to triple pane, windows see measurable improvements in their ability to insulate against heat loss, dampen noise and create a more comfortable living environment. An additional pane also provides another glass layer to apply efficiency-enhancing films like our SunStop or Low-E, improving their performance. Overall, triple pane windows are more efficient and effective, resulting in more comfort and less energy consumption.

Where does All Weather Windows make their windows?
From frame to glass, every single one of our windows is handmade right here in Alberta. This yields faster response times to customer requests and gives us total control over production quality, for a superior product that’s purpose-built for life in Canada.

What’s the average lifespan of a window?
On average, modern windows have a lifespan of around 20 years. This is thanks to advancements in engineering and material quality, helping modern windows stand up to the elements and daily use.

What now?
Keeping these tips in mind while preparing for your renovation will help you get the absolute most out of your home’s new windows. For your next step, and to receive even more window renovation guidance, set up a free in-home consultation with an All Weather Windows Renovations Sales Representative.