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Apex 9100


Bring your home’s interior and exterior design to the next level with acrylic wrap, our latest colour window offering. Acrylic wrap is a high-performance, durable film for interior or exterior use that adds to a home’s appearance on the inside and out. The film is weather and ultraviolet resistant and retains its finish and colour throughout its service life.

Currently available in six unique exterior finishes and two interior finishes, acrylic wrap is the superior choice for adding colour to PVC windows and curb appeal to new homes.


Apex 9100 Window Image



  • NEW: Available interior acrylic wrap colour
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Leak-proof frame
  • Affordable
  • Great at insulating sound
  • Resistance to moisture and corrosion
  • Exterior acrylic wrap colour available
  • 3 1/4” fusion welded multiple chamber PVC frame
  • V-weld technology
  • Warm edge spacer
  • Encore dual arm hardware standard with multi-point locking system
  • Durable spring loaded screen



When choosing a window, you want something that suits the personality of your home while meeting performance needs for your climate. Select something that suits your home’s style, has the energy efficiency performance you need and can withstand the weather conditions in your city. Remember, the more severe the weather, the better performance you’ll need for your windows. If you’re considering something more distinctive, we can help you create a unique combination of windows to suit your home.


Need a breeze but don’t want to let in rain or snow? You need an energy efficient awning window. These horizontally-hung casement windows swing outward upon opening, shielding you from the elements while providing good ventilation and constant airflow.

Bay, Bow

Everyone needs more space. Bay and bow windows allow you to expand an area in your home by extending beyond the wall, opening up any room.


Hinged on the side, casement windows swing outward like a door, providing excellent air circulation into your home. They are also one of the most energy efficient operating windows because of their tight seal when closed.


Enjoy a picturesque view with a fixed window. They don’t open but they do let in plenty of sunlight and offer a high level of energy efficiency.


Enjoy the view with a picture window, which has a low-profile frame to maximize glass surface, allowing a beautifully clear, unobstructed view. Like fixed windows, picture windows do not open.


Window Style Air Infiltration Water Penetration Wind Load Forced Entry
Picture Fixed B7 C4 n/a
Casement A3 B7 C4 F20
Awning A3 B3 C3 F20
Fixed Fixed B7 C4 n/a

Testing is done to A440-00 standards. Testing results are for single windows with no grilles. Ratings higher than A3, B3, C3 must be specified at time of order.
Go to for more information on these ratings.