Basement 5600 and 2200

Basements need fresh air, too. Whether you’re looking to bring fresh air into your recreation room, need pass-through space for large objects or have to meet fire escape codes, we have the basement window to meet your needs.

For those looking for greater energy efficiency, our 5600 series is now available in a triple pane option. Upgraded from our dual pane slider, the triple pane offers the same amazing features as the dual – two operating sliders that help meet fire code and ratings and removable sashes to make cleaning a breeze – now with the ENERGY STAR® certification. With triple pane you now have the option to choose Black exterior wrap to add style to your home and complement your other windows.

The 5600 series also offers greater airflow control with double sliders that open from either side. Both are easily removed for cleaning and can leave a larger opening if needed.

Our 2200 series is available in a Top Hinge Hung (Hopper) style basement window that opens completely, allowing ultimate airflow control and a wide opening to pass items through. This window also helps meet fire escape egress codes for smaller-sized units.


Basement 5600 and 2200 Window Image



  • Energy efficient
  • Superior airflow control
  • Removable sashes
  • Durable
  • Great resistance to water and air leaks
  • Designed to meet fire escape codes for basement bedrooms
  • Available with high performance glazing options



When choosing a window, you want something that suits the personality of your home while meeting performance needs for your climate. Select something that suits your home’s style, has the energy efficiency performance you need and can withstand the weather conditions in your city. Remember, the more severe the weather, the better performance you’ll need for your windows. If you’re considering something more distinctive, we can help you create a unique combination of windows to suit your home.


The top sash of our hopper windows swings inward, leaving a wide space for ultimate ventilation. Meet fire escape egress codes with the hopper window’s wide-profile opening.


Take control of your home’s airflow with a slider window—these windows slide open horizontally, leaving you to decide just how much ventilation you need.