V-weld LogoV-weld is technology for the elements. Offering advanced structural integrity and virtually eliminating water and air leaks, V-weld enhances windows so that they can perform their very best.

Rather than assembling combination windows by Box-to-Box modular construction or through the use of mechanical mullions—both of which can be prone to water and air leaks through improperly sealed windows—V-weld fusion-welds all of the window’s joints together, leaving no gaps, cracks, spaces or slits.

Extreme temperatures can cause the gaskets and silicone on traditional windows to expand and contract, which can lead to a separation between joints and thus air and water leaks. The V-weld technology keeps the window strongly welded together to deliver a high level of performance and superior frame integrity.

All Weather Windows is proud to be one of the first manufacturers in North America to launch the groundbreaking V-weld technology as part of our Apex window series. No other window offers such exceptional performance in keeping the elements outside—where they belong.