Lean, Green and Energy Efficient Products

At All Weather Windows, energy efficient products are of the utmost importance. We want to provide window and door solutions that are sustainable and help to protect the environment, while also maintaining key qualities such as durability, strength and beauty.

Our green initiatives go well beyond just building energy efficient products—we also maintain a conservation strategy, which includes recycling most of our scrap and manufacturing by-products and using LEAN manufacturing processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce our overall energy consumption.

Each day, our facilities recycle more than 2,000 pounds of uPVC, along with glass, cardboard, plastics and aluminum. We use a state-of-the-art process to recover 100 per cent of the uPVC waste created during manufacturing, allowing us to salvage high quality, usable plastics.

We’re committed to energy efficiency and green living by driving innovation that reduces the cost to the consumer and the environment. We’re focused on delivering exceptional window and door products and outstanding service to builders, dealers, architects and homeowners in Canada.

The ENERGY STAR® Program

We have been recognized not only as a leader in manufacturing energy efficient windows and doors to the highest standards for consumers, but also as an ambassador for the ENERGY STAR program.

ENERGY STAR is the international symbol for premium energy efficiency and assists consumers with quickly identifying products as high efficiency performers.

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