Masonite’s insights behind three of home design’s biggest trends

This is the second part of a two-part series on Masonite Doors. In our first installment, we explore how Masonite has sought to redefine the door’s role in home design by understanding what’s driving the year’s most dynamic trends.

 Thumb through the pages of any of Masonite’s Trend Reports and you’re likely to discover much more than doors. Utilizing the latest research from its expert trend partner Stylus, the Trend Reports have given Masonite a tool to examine the social, cultural and economic factors that underpin the year’s design trends, and then allowed them to curate their offering accordingly. So what has Masonite uncovered? Lorena Morales, Visual and Content Marketing Director of Masonite, walked us through the ‘whats’ and the ‘whys’ of some of contemporary home design’s biggest trends.

Classic Revival

Characterized by classic English architecture styles, such as Georgian and Victorian, and traditional embellishments, Classic Revival is about reimagination as much it is preservation. Lorena sees the trend appealing to established homeowners and first-time buyers alike. For the long-time homeowner, Classic Revival is about creating a sense of elegance and legacy while adapting to new and exciting life stages. “It’s for people who have been in their homes, are sentimental about their homes and are more comfortable with who they are and what they like,” explains Lorena. “For empty nesters, they have a room where their college-aged child isn’t there anymore. They have a room they can play with.”

For new homeowners to-be, many of whom face the reality of not being able to afford a brand-new build, Classic Revival provides a unique opportunity to inject new life into the traditional styling of an older home. “We’re talking about a generation that likes the classics, but they want to update it. They make these homes their own by incorporating modern materials, bold color, curated art and upcycled antiques.”


The Scandinavian trend is much more than a design aesthetic. By emphasizing simple forms and living well, this trend embodies a state of mind as well. And in a world coming to terms with the importance of self-care and mental wellness, the Scandinavian trend’s neutral palette, love of plants and light and sense of balance have made it a timeless style for decidedly modern times. Lorena explains how the trend’s reliance on clean lines and natural elements exudes quality and refinement — without becoming too sterile. “Its principles are carefully curated furniture and elements that are simple. You know when you see them because they’re well made,” she offers. As homeowners continue to look to their homes as sanctuaries from the stresses of daily life, the Scandinavian trend offers a pure yet approachable oasis.


 As more and more homeowners are working from home, freelancing and pursuing “side hustles,” the Urban trend offers solutions to the increasingly fuzzy line between work and life. Anchored by flexibility and utility, the Urban aesthetic offers the opportunity to create a sense of place that has purpose and functionality, both on and off the clock. The home has to adapt, allowing for a seamless transition between working and living.

The trend’s popularity has also been spurred by a growing rejection of excess and unreserved luxury, instead favouring the beauty found in the foundational elements of spaces, such as brick, concrete, wood, pipes and ducts. “Eighty-one percent of 13- to 34-year-old Americans are turned off by those who flaunt expensive things on social media,” explains Lorena. “This translates into a trend with savvy spaces, multi-use rooms and unpretentious products. Things have to be practical, functional and not extravagant. It’s all based around a lifestyle.”

As we put more consideration into how our homes can best accommodate our lives, Masonite is looking forward, working to pinpoint the design trends that best reflect the true nature of our world. All Weather Windows is proud to be an official partner and supplier of Masonite. You can explore the full All Weather Windows and Masonite Design and Inspiration Catalogue here.