Energy Efficiency at its Finest

At All Weather Windows, we understand the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency for the environment and for your wallet. Our windows and doors are built to maximize energy savings and promote green living, ensuring that the elements stay outside, where they belong.

Our company is committed to green initiatives, including a comprehensive recycling program to properly dispose of our scrap and manufacturing by-products. Our facilities recycle more than 2,000 pounds of uPVC each day, along with plenty of glass, cardboard, plastics and aluminum. As part of our sustainability efforts, All Weather Windows uses a state-of-the-art process that recovers all of the uPVC waste created during manufacturing, giving us reusable, high quality plastics with minimal cost to the environment.

Our conservation strategy also includes using LEAN manufacturing processes, which increase operational efficiency and help to reduce our overall consumption of energy in our plants. At All Weather Windows, we’re always on the lookout for new initiatives and innovative technology to help further our sustainability goals.

The ENERGY STAR® Program

We’re proud to be recognized as an ambassador for the ENERGY STAR program as a result of our energy efficient windows and doors. ENERGY STAR is the international symbol for premium energy efficiency and assists consumers with quickly identifying products as high efficiency performers.

More than 400 of our products have received ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient designation and we have been continually recognized as a leading manufacturer of energy efficient windows and doors in Canada.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR and All Weather Windows.