All Weather Windows Launches New Vantage Patio Door

All Weather Windows is excited to announce the addition of the Vantage patio door to our lineup of stylish and energy efficient patio door solutions.

Like all of our products, Vantage is specifically engineered for Canadian weather. It’s also our first patio door offered with our leading acrylic wrap colour application. This means you can choose a door that perfectly matches our stunning acrylic wrap windows, such as the Apex 9100 windows.

Vantage provides superior energy efficiency and protection against the cold with two triple fin weather strips at the exterior. The overall uPVC frame allows for stronger corner weld retention and strength, reducing heat loss and adding to its overall performance. Equipped with the All Weather Windows designed Quad Seal interlock system and a sloped frame, the Vantage offers exceptional air and water performance. The interior glazing minimizes heat loss and maximizes glass area, serviceability and exterior seal. Vantage is also offered with the option to upgrade to triple pane glass. The triple pane option provides additional heat loss protection over dual pane and has the added benefit of superior soundproofing to keep a home peaceful and comfortable
all year long.

Customers can choose from a range of attractive hardware to create a modern, stylish look. The Vantage’s optional premier handle set, designed to accent larger patio doors with an elegant, easy to grasp shape, comes with double and true triple multipoint lock options. Multipoint hardware has locking points that are individually adjustable with opposing upper and lower lock points for enhanced security. A keyed lock option is also available. Vantage comes with customization options for every type of home design and layout. We offer interior blinds installed between the glass to create a more convenient option for filtering light. Blinds between the glass require virtually no cleaning, and avoid awkward tangling of strings and slats from everyday use. Standard 8/0 height for Vantage is designed and optimized to fit easily into standard 9-foot high ceiling rough openings. It’s also offered with a true fixed sash for a balanced appearance, and comes in 2, 3 and 4-wide panel options, ranging in size and configuration. For a larger, more luxurious look, custom panel sizes can be made up to 14’0” wide X 8’0” tall.

The Vantage patio door is offered in six attractive acrylic wrap colours. Backed by a 10-year warranty for performance and lamination, acrylic wrap is permanently bonded to the uPVC frame and offers weather and ultraviolet resistance. With durability unsurpassed by painted frames, acrylic wrap resists chalking, cracking, fading and scratching.

The Vantage patio door is an excellent option for those seeking a stylish, high-performing patio door. For more information about Vantage, please contact your All Weather Windows sales team at 1-800-638-5709.