Interior & Exterior Acrylic Wrap Colour

NEW: Interior Wrap

All Weather Windows is proud to offer interior acrylic wrap colour options for the Apex 9100 and Apex Alloy 9950 series. This gives our customers one more way to showcase creativity and style both inside and outside the home. Interior wrap means customers can select one colour for the exterior of the window frame and another colour for the interior.

Our two new interior finishes include stainable fir, which lends the beauty of wood grain without the maintenance, and black, which provides a dramatic modern look. Interior colour is currently available on our Apex 9100 and Apex Alloy 9950 series windows.

Available Finishes


Exterior Wrap

All Weather Windows continues to offer exterior acrylic wrap colour on the Apex 9100 and Horizon 7100 window series, along with Vantage patio door. It comes in six finishes – black, architectural brown, chocolate brown, clear anodized, pebble, and anthracite grey. It’s an extremely durable and low-maintenance way to add character and style to the exterior of any home.

Available Finishes


The Technology

Acrylic wrap offers bold, durable colour by using a high-performance film that is permanently bonded to the PVC window frame. Paint requires frequent maintenance and metal cladding is beautiful but can’t be used for interior applications. Whereas acrylic wrap offers great customizable colour without sacrificing durability. The wrap also features a contemporary stipple emboss finish that pairs well with modern home interiors and exteriors. Its low surface tension means that it can be wiped clean easily and it has a strong resistance to chalking, cracking and fading.

The multi-layered film is comprised of a transparent polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) layer, a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) layer and a pigmented acrylic base later that reflects heat away from the window using Solar Shield Technology (SST). This unique combination of polymers provides reduced heat absorption, improved UV resistance and excellent long-term weathering.

For more information, check out our acrylic wrap catalogue.