Your project is important to us and we want to ensure its successful completion. By taking a centralized approach to project management, we’ll work with you directly from project initiation through to final sign-off.

We pay a lot of special attention to each of these projects because we know that inattentiveness and carelessness can increase risk and liability. We want to help you minimize errors and ensure that issues are dealt with efficiently throughout the lifespan of your project.

We offer the following architectural window services:

  • Shop Drawings
  • Building Code Issues
    • Handicap Access
    • Restrictors
    • Egress
    • Glazing Types
    • Thickness
    • Types
    • Reinforcing Requirements
    • Adherence to CAN/CSA A440.1-00 User Selection Guide to CSA Standard CAN/CSA-A440-00, Windows
  • Technical Review
    • Study and Review Installation Practices
    • U-Value, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visual Transmittance
    • CAN A440-M00 Standards – A, B, and C Ratings
  • Reinforcing
    • Window design limitations
    • If it is required
    • Type required
  • Sound
    • STC ratings

You can find more information on the Architectural Services offered by All Weather Windows by contacting your local Customer Solution Centre or Account Manager.